Celebrities Eating Pizza

They're just like us!
Documented by @missambear


On October 27th, Femsplain.com will open its virtual doors.

What is it? Femsplain is a fem-powered content community made for anyone who identifies as women to feel empowered and to be seen and heard.

What does this mean? Every month we’ll announce a new theme and ask for contributors through social media.

What can I contribute? Anything fitting the months theme. You could write a news article, share a story, draw something, submit an email exchange or even a screenshot of your text conversations. Whatever you want to say we want to hear it.

Our goal is to highlight amazing women of the Internet and to create a supportive & positive community for anyone to support. 

Please help spread the word and pass this on to anyone who you think might want to contribute!

Interested? submit@femsplain.com

(Thank you cindysuen for our logo and banner)

It’s not celebrities or pizza but here’s a side project of mine that I would love for you to check out. Let me know if you’d want to contribute!

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